Friday, February 11, 2011

All is Quiet on the Chicken Front

Think Spring
Sure am hoping the groundhog was right and we are going to have an early Spring. Still have snow from the last, well only big one we had this year. Just over a foot. But of course that melts, remelts, you get the idea. So now it's ice, snow and muck.
For some of the birds this was their first snow and they were not happy. LOL! The guineas and some of the Andalusians practiced their flying skills, a lot. Did have to keep them closed up for a couple of days mainly cause of the drifting. And we lost the cover for the run due to the heavy snow. That is next weeks project.
Last summer Sonny bought a couple of rolls of plastic poultry netting and we will be replacing the top with that.

Cabin Fever
It's been too cold to do much outside. And after breaking ice in all the waterers in the morning don't really feel like going back out until eve feeding time. The girl's were starting to lay again until the last snow, now for the most part they are on strike. Not like our first winter with just the Black Stars and I was giving away 18 counts weekly to Sonny's uncle.
So we have been keeping busy with inside projects. Just put in a wood stove. But of course that is just the beginning. Now we have to put up a half wall and counter where the wall between the living room and kitchen was. Tony of course loves not having it there. He thinks the dresser I use for counter/storage is just like a restaurant and things must be passed over it.

Smokey Bleu
Finally got a cage ordered for him. And since it was such a great deal (almost 1/2 off, X large "ferret" cage) it's on back order. Not sure when it's actually going to get here. Sonny would like to have our bathroom back. Over the last 3 years it has been occupied by some species of poultry. Now I wonder if he ever regrets talking about getting chickens. He, he, he!
I was using a pic of Smokey on my profile on FB and a girl I know from back home couldn't believe I had a chicken in my bathroom. Well doesn't everyone?
Smokey is almost black head and the rest grey, it's hard to tell in the pic. Bath lighting isn't the greatest.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. LOL...well YES the extra bathroom almost always has 'some' sort of chicken recovering from something in it..and we won't even talk about the brooder in the kitchen (build two years ago for the Guineas before their house was done) which is STILL in my kitchen...with my apparently permanent two 'house' chickens (Belgium somethings with the feathered feet) who may have to order themselves a more artistic cage, as they never moved to the outside house due to the buffs with their bad attitude toward other chickens. The buffs wear peepers now, and the Guineas and they will soon be learning to migrate out of the house and on to the range.
    --Leslie (who like the posts on the Guinea lists about what to do with obnoxious Guineas)