Thursday, December 9, 2010

Change in the weather

It's fridgid here in the South East. I don't understand how the chickens can stand it. Seriously. But they, even the banties are out everday pecking over what green is left in the yard.

Finally have our bathroom back. My house chicken is the only resident now. Still not sure how big Smokey is going to get. It reminds me of the Pidgeon in the Mo Willems books, tiny head bigger body. LOL! Mo is a children's author, one of our son's favorites.
Smokey has figured out how to get out of it's box and loves to range the bathroom. Is fasinated with the toilet paper holder. Not sure why exactly.

The Babies
Still have 4 of the original 7 chicks left. 1 Turkey, the Silkie and 2 X's. Finger's crossed they will be ok til Spring. They have the aviary to themselves. All seem healthy and happy. Joker makes it a point to fly out when the door is open to be nosey. Definately my Americanus X Black Star's child. Starting to get the muffs.
I have plastic coving the wire side and the front window since they are at the front of the house and a heat lamp for them.
The 2 smallest keets are now running with the Feathered footed bunch. Still not sure on the sex. One is a bit larger, but that's no real indication. They should start making noises soon.

The Juvies
The 3 juvie guineas are out with the big birds in the yard now. The Buff are a pair and the Lavender a female.
It has been interesting. After a couple of days they actually got around the yard after spending their days walking the fence of the run. First night out I found them sleeping outside. So much fun trying to herd guineas in the dark. They slept with the big birds for a few days. Then discovered that they could get under my MIL's deck. Couldn't get them out, and this is the first hard frost night, so they slept under there. They were out the next morning. Fred the male did it on more time alone. No problems since. They have attached themselves to the roosters. They really don't have anything to do with the adult guineas. Who did the same until the younger one's started it. I was watching them this eve following Nevermore around. He's #2 roo and has gone lame in on leg. They would follow him and when he would stop, they would graze, he'd start hopping along and they were right behind him.

Wintering and Progress
Got the houses mucked out and started the deep litter for the winter. Plastic and tarps put back up.
Sonny made repairs on the Silkie house roof. Finish up with new shingles in the Spring.
Got the roof off of the last house. Another Spring project. The weather got too cold to quick to do anymore.
Seems like we had Fall for a couple of weeks and now it's the deep freeze. Next week 20's during the day! Thankful for no snow.

Happy Holidays
This will probably be my last post until the New Year.
Wishing you and your's a happy, safe and blessed holiday season!
I also want to thank you for taking a few moments from your busy life to read my ramblings. Going to redo the site for next year and add some pics so you can get to know the tribe.

Until next year,
Gothy - Dawn

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