Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Silkies on my desk

Well, ya know sometimes you just need a bit of cheep therapy. : )  So I put thru a notice in a local group I'm in and ended up with 3 Bearded Splash Silkie chicks. Was going to add a couple more Polish, but I am not going to pay $15 each for chicks.
The babies are 6 weeks this week. And a lot quieter! They are living in Smokee's cage for now. One will be a house chicken. To early to tell what sex they are.  Hoping for 1 roo and 2 hens.
The parents are show birds and came originally from the same guy I bought my other Silkies from. He moved to another state and the lady I got these cuties from got the parent's from him.
They are at the awkward getting adult feather stage right now.

Keets Update
Unfortuanately there will be no keets until hopefully later in the summer. Some critter, thinking possum since I know we have those, got into the house we were planning on razing. Of course it got to all my Polish and Silkie eggs first.
So I  had to relocte Mama and the nest. Well, she didn't like that idea too much. So she quit laying on the keet eggs and moved them out and is setting some assorted chicken eggs right now. Not sure if she is going to stay with it or not.
Whatever it was also got to Joon's nest.
All the other chickens and pair of guineas are in the bantie house until we can get the other one ready.
I sold the other 2 female guineas to the guy who took Fred. So now they are all happy together.

Smokee's New Digs
Smokee is now out in the Silkie house. She seems to be fitting in. At least now she has room to roam. And seems to have calmed down.

Pet Store
Went to the pet store today to get grit and a new dog collar. They had ducklings for sale. Get this - $15 for Pekins and $20 for PekinXcrested!  "Because they are cuter". Right. Only 1 looked like it was going to be creasted. I paid $5 each for mine last year, different store.
This store has quiet the set up. You buy the duck. Then in order to take it,  you have to buy a cage and food from them. This is how they do with all their animals.
The salesperson was dealing with 2 ladies and a man. She was showing them a cage that would only be large enough for a guniea pig to live in.
I personally think it should be illegal for pet stores to sell ducks and chicks just for Easter. Sure they are cute when they are in the store. But they are messy, smell, and poop as fast as they eat.
Then people give these to kids who don't know enough or old enough to be responsible for caring for them. Wonder if a study has been done on the mortality rate for pet's sold at Easter. How many end up dumped at a local park or pond not knowing how to fend for itself.
Pekins get large, loud, have very sharp claws and are not a house pet, well, unless you have alot of room. Ducky diapers anyone?
When we checked out, I asked the girl if they also sold chicks. "No because chicks get ugly after 2 weeks and then we are stuck with them." Hmmm, wonder what they do with the ducks.
I see several after Easter listed on CL because they aren't cute or kid's lost interest. Well what the hell did you expect?

New chicks will be here next week!

Just my opions expressed here, your actual milage may vary.


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