Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Newbies,Eggs and Happy Easter!

Well the newest batch got here a week ago yesterday. All 26 arrived in good order. Of course I have no clue what the majority of them are. Mainly reds and some brown chipmunk looking chicks. Most of the others are Barred. Looks like the Turkens might not all be red one's this time. Yay! Fingers crossed that 10 will be sold at the end of the month to a young man who needs them for a 4H project.
So once again my bathroom is chick central. I am moving in another brooder box over the weekend so they have more room. The temps here are up and down so it's too chilly to put them out in one of the houses yet. We actually have a frost warning tonight. It was 80* here yesterday!

The Silkies
They are doing well and getting bigger. Daily exhibition of chest bumping. Sonny told me to be careful or I would get in trouble for chicken fighting. Ha, ha. One had hurt it's foot, not sure how, but now is using it. I was afraid it was broke.
That's Micro(wave) on top of the cage. She loves to sleep on top of it during the day. Better watch that tail tho!

First Wind Egg
Went to collect eggs the other day and found a wind egg! First one I've ever gotten. Not sure if it's from one of the Stars or Delawares.
The first egg is a standard, next bantam, then the wind egg. They usually don't contain a yolk and are laid buy pullets just getting ready.
Speaking of Eggs
I am getting a box of hatching eggs next week. Thank You Cathryn! They are Naked Neck Silkies! aka Showgirls. I am truly eggcited about this! She has some  absolutely gorgeous birds. One of my bantam EE's is broody. It's funny to hear those sounds coming from such a small chicken. Dahlia get's upset when I collect the eggs she's not setting also. Growled at me the other day when I was!
Tomorrow Tony will be coloring eggs for Easter. This is the first year that I actually had enough white eggs that I didn't have to buy them.
The only problem with him doing this is he doesn't want them used afterward. LOL  Can't get it thru that 7 year old's head that just because they are hard boiled doesn't mean they last forever. I'm going to blow out a couple so he can do them to keep. Which of course means making egg holders out of recycled tp tubes. Well at least it will keep him busy for awhile. : )

Until next time, take care all!

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