Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Direction

Hi all and early Happy 4th!

Well I'm down to 9 laying hens, 1 rooster, the bantams, the foo foo's, 3 pullets, chicks and 5 ducks.
Can't make crap off of selling eggs this year. My neighbor sells them for a dollar cheaper. Oh, and get this. She buys! them from someone else and then resells them to where it's pure profit! They aren't even free range!

"Sold" the Andalusians and 4 pullets to a guy for less than the cost of a bag of feed and 3 Black Silkie chicks. Well yes, it has cut my food cost almost in half. But of course one of the chicks went spraddle leg on me and the other 2 have some icky poos. Then the jerk has the gall to email me to complain he's not getting many eggs! Well, gee, have ya ever heard that chickens get stressed too and will take some time getting used to new surroundings? This after 3 days of I'll be here . . .
I didn't realize until he got here that I had dealt with him before. Last year he showed up after dark looking to buy the Bantams. Well they were too big! He was looking for some sorta breed that does not exist! He's on my block list, done with that shit.

Pepito had to be re homed and is doing great. He started attacking me every time I tried to go into the chicken house. Just doing his job, but doing it wayyy to well.

Rusty and Norma Jean
NJ has made a nest! As of this AM 14 eggs. Still waiting to see if she's going to set them. She does sleep on them at night. This is going to be interesting since I've never dealt with this before.

The Calls
The ducklings are now in their new home. My rabbit hutch. I bought a mixing pan from Lowes and Sonny put it in so they have a "pond". Still not sure if one is a male or not, but keeping finger's crossed. They have been officially named: Houdini, Syren, and Dark Wing (show of hands of those who know where the last name came from).
They aren't as spooky as they were inside. And will now actually swim while filling their pool. Watch out, tho, they do throw the water!

A New Direction
I've decided to go into to the chicken breeding business. We had already planned on getting an incubator next year anyway. Silkies, Polish, Turkens, and Blue Hens.
I'm tired of dealing with hatcheries and there are people who don't want to order a min of 25, or pay out the ass to get an order of 3.
Our long term goal is to move down state and get some acres. We will inherit my MIL's property and that will pay for it. I'm more used to "small town" life and don't really care for where we are now.

Blue Hens
Well I got extremely lucky and was able to buy 5 chicks. From my reading, they are very hard to find outside of the state. I bought 2 white, 1 blue, 1 splash, and one black. I'm pretty sure one of the white is going to be a roo. And I also bought a blue Silkie. So tired of only finding Splash.
They are living in a cage in the living room right now. Almost a month old now.

This is Azul, the blue Silkie who will most likely be a house chicken.

Black Silkies
I'm guessing these kids are around a week or less when I got them Soooo cute! Except for the aforementioned poo and leg problems they seem to be doing o k. They are in the bathroom brooder. I've been adding B complex vitamin to their water. Really hoping the one is going to make it.

Gimpy is in a box of it's own. The other 2 were always running it over. It can get around by using it's wings. Say a prayer for it.

The Guineas
They will be going to the Guineas Guys. Nothing has hatched this year and they are beating up the chickens. That will be the last of them for now. Maybe in the future. Right now I'm happy to be dealing with a smaller tribe.

Hatches or lack there of
The bought eggs did nothing. I'm wondering after talking to someone if they didn't get X-rayed. The box didn't have anything on it saying not to. And the person I got them from is dealing with health issues right now, so I don't see them getting replaced.
2 of my Silkie hens are broody now. Getting them to set on the eggs is another story. So not expecting anything there either.

Until next time, take care.

Dawn aka Gothy

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