Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I know I told someone I was going to do this last week, but well as we know life happens.

So here we go.

Hatching Eggs
Well they finally arrived. I thought they were going to the P.O. but they came here instead. They were delivered on a Friday. The dumb ass who delivered them left them outside! Didn't bother to put them on the porch or take them to MIL's store. Then it rained that night. So should know end of this week if that was worth it or not. I'm supposed to get some replacements if they don't hatch.
This Black Dahlia aka Miss D working hard on keeping those eggs warm and toasty. She's a bantam Ameraucana. I also put a couple of my Silkie eggs under too.

Moving on out
The chicks got moved out of our bathroom and into the Silkie house. The kid fell through but I did sell some to a nice lady from MD. Then they got moved from the aviary to the larger pen.
Guess what's in my bathroom now? Tee Hee Hee

Gray Call Ducklings
If you guessed ducklings you are right. : )
I bought myself a trio for Mother's Day. They are local. The guy decided to do a project with his kids.  His next hatch is going to be Calls and Mandarins. Ducks can be as addictive as chickens. The lil one's will be moving out this weekend to the rabbit hutch which became vacated yesterday.
I think the 2 larger one's are females and the smallest and youngest is a male. Finger's crossed anyway.
The biggest Houdini is very good at jumping out of the brooder, just not back in yet. Waiting to know sex of the other 2 before naming.
The smallest is in front.

The Newbies

Pepito was having problems with his Dad's turkeys and needed a new home. So, now I have 2 new adopted son's. For now he's in the aviary waiting impatiently for his tail feathers to grow back. He has the chicks and the other girl's to keep him company.
He let's the girls know where the food is, even though they can't get to his. But hey, he's making the effort anyway.

Rusty and Norma Jean
I really hadn't planned on have more full sized ducks, but it happened. The Guinea Guy's who brought me Pepito, needed a new home for Rusty. So of course Rusty needed a friend. Enter Norma Jean. Got her from my neighbor in trade for the rabbits. She's a Pekin.
They seem to really have hit it off. She's still shy about the yard since she's not used to free ranging, but he seemed to be showing her around earlier this eve. Now getting them back in the house at night if a lot of fun.
Oh, and yes Guy's, the guineas gave her the same warm reception. I think it's cause of the clutch they are being more protective. They were hissing at the ducks last night. Yes, guineas do hiss.

Pepito. He's a RIR x Ameraucana.  Will keep you updated on his tail.

Norm Jean and Rusty. Rusty is a Rouen x Pekin. Will be interesting to see if they can produce a straight looking Pekin.

More loss
This month I lost Barnabus - Silkie roo, Nevermore - Ameraucana x Black Star who hatched here, Gracie my remaining Cochin. Went thru the yearly bought of "chicken colds" and that took them.
And as of a bit ago, 3 of my Turken chicks. They had a freak accident and the last one went a bit ago.
Sergio please take good care of Morticia!

The Silkie Juvies
They have moved to the living room. Got their first feather trim the other day, need to do again. I trim around the eyes. Soon as Pepito is ready for general population, they will be moving out. I'm afraid of the roos trying to fight thru the wire. They have been named. Raygun, Fluffer Nutter, and Omelet.

More hatchings
Next month should have keets. Joon is on the clutch by the garage in some tall weeds. That is going to be fun trying to catch keets. 27 eggs.
One of my hens, a Cornish x Buckeye, Sundance, has decided to lay a clutch somewhere on the end of the trailer also in tall weeds. Haven't been able to find the nest as of yet.
I think I have more hatch dates on my calendar than anything else right now. LOL!

Say Hello to my little friend
We ran across this guy the other night. Tony said he saw a turtle, so I'm thinking 3-4" one's like we find now and then. Nope. This guy is almost a foot long and a snapper! He was actually following Sundance this morning. Sonny was going to try and pick him up with a shovel and take him back to the crick. Didn't work. So it's still lurking out there somewhere.

Well time to go out and see if I can look like an idiot again this eve putting up the ducks.
Will let ya'll know if the bought eggs hatch. Please send positive vibes they will.
Until later, take care.


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