Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Hatch

Well 2 little chickies hatched a week ago, Friday and Sat. I was in the puter room when the first one made it out. It was fast. When I got up Sat morning, Sonny told me another had hatched.

Both have blue legs and feathered legs/feet, but only 4 toes. Silkies have 5. These cuties are Silkie X D'culle. So it will be interesting to see how big they get and if they get fuzzy.
1 and 2 days old.
Now a a week and a half.
Dan and Sergio came by today and took the white one home.

I also had my bator going. Well it took a crap a couple of days after these guys hatched. TSC is replacing it. Just waiting for a call saying it is in.

Still have 2 Silkies and on banty settin eggs. I gave the larger Silkie, Lauren 5 Sultan eggs. So hoping something will hatch. Originally I had given Lauren 2 eggs from the Big House. A couple of days later one was missing. So she "stole" an egg from the other girls!

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