Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

I am soooo ready for Spring. We had snow flurries here today! Nothing is drying up due to all the rain and lack of sunshine. It's depressing.

Meet Bosco
Well I was trolling Craigs List like usual after midnight when the new ads show up. Saw one for a pygmy billy, price was ok, age and color perfect. Sonny called and left a message. Next day we get a call. Sonny talked to the guy a bit. Then he's like oh, didn't you buy a goat from me in Jan?  Yep, we bought Beanie's brother. He's bigger than Beanie and is more of a "guy's goat".  We think that's cause he was raised around Chris and his dad. Bosco is skittish around me, but will let Sonny pet him.
After the initial head butting they are getting along great. Now snack time and feeding is a different story. Soon as one finishes his "salad" the other is over trying to help out. Same with their grass. Of course one has tastier feed than the other.
I was watching them the other day. Bosco wanted to play. So he would butt Beanie in his behind and push him. They went all the way around the pen doing this. Beanie was not amused.
They are polar opposite personality wise. Beanie is very laid back. Bosco is a more run and jump around goat.
Eventually we will add a doe and a pair of registered ones.
Now get this. My neighbor, the animal horder, started raising goats to sell for meat. Well, shortly after I started chickens. She got chickens. This has lead to ducks, geese, guineas, Emu, a couple of horses, mini donkeys, a passel of very noisy dogs and now, yep Pygmy goats! She also has a dwarf. Is this really necessary?

New Incubator
TSC did replace the broke one, even tho I had thrown my receipt away. So I set it up on my desk with Sultan and a couple of eggs from I don't know who in the Foo Foo house. It's funny, the 3 hens who aren't Silkies in there lay their eggs on the roosts! They are like corner shelves. Well at least they are clean. Should start hatching late this weekend. Monday is day 21.
I have been having problems getting the humidity up to where I want it. So I decided to order a new thermometer/hygrometer. Decided on a digital one. Turns out my other thermo is about 10% off on the actual humidity.
After searching my favorite site next to Ebay, Amazon I found a company called I highly recommend them! Service is really fast. My order got here before it was supposed to. They have great customer service. And they sent me a coupon for either a free egg candeler or $5 off a $25 order. And they take Pay Pal. Oh and it included the battery!
Ordering my second incubator from them this eve and going for the free candler. It got great reviews. I figured the cost of one from TSC, then having to pay taxes, gas to MD, I'm getting a way better deal doing it this way. I love online shopping!
Now I'll be able to start eggs in one and finish in the other if necessary. Have to do some major rearranging on my side of the room, but it will be worth it.

Congrats Guys!
A special Congrats to my friends Dan, Matt and Sergio on their wonderful hatch of Jungle Fowl. WTG guys! And congrats on your new Pygmy Casper. Can't wait to get over there to see him. He's so cute in the pics, all white. Casper The Friendly Goat! LOL!

Until later,

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