Friday, June 15, 2012

Been busy as a . . .

You fill in the blank. Seriously. Since Mother's Day it's been non stop. Too many nice days lead to getting behind in all the other regular inside chores. Hoping to have a not too hot summer so I can get more done. Seems I'm dealing with Henny Penny Syndrome right now. You know the story of the chicken, depending on which version you read has to do it all, but then everyone one wants something.

A lot of Newbies

Since last time, I've added:
Turkens - chicks
Silkies - chicks
Polish - chicks
Black Japanese Bantam - chicks
Some mystery chicks
4 Seramas - 1 rooster and 3 hens
Had 2 chicks hatch out over the last couple of days. 1 bantam, one standard.

Musical Poultry - see if you can keep up

So the Turkens are now in the hutch the Calls were in, along with the Blue Hens. The Call ducks are now in the old chicken run. There is a brooder of 6 chicks in my bathroom. The Sex links and other mixed bantams are now running with the big chickens/bantams who are now free range. The other ducks are free range, all go in at night. The NN Silkie and Show girls have their own pen inside the dog run with the Seramas. The newest pair of Seramas are in the living room. As are the pet store Silkies 3 white, 1 dark blue. The bearded Silkie is playing mama to 6 chicks. 2 that hatched here over the last couple days and the others are bantams that I bought from the hoarder.
Next weekend we are going to see The Guys and I'm getting back a pair of Guineas I gifted them last year and a black Turken chick. Oh and as if I don't have enough already. Sonny decided that he needed to order 8 Bob White Quail from the pet guy. Oy!
So I'm at around 66 chickens, 8 ducks (Dan is getting one), add 2 Guineas, 1 chick, 8 Quail, 4 goats, umpteen cats, 1 dog. Damn no wonder I'm so tired!


So as you know Seramas have been my latest obsession, oops - interest. ; )
The hoarder had chicks listed on CL. Play some phone tag, she won't answer my calls. Hmmm, wonder why. Have to stop up there one morning on my way to take MIL to the grocery. Well she has some, but needs to wait to see what is what since she put them with the Jap bantam chicks and doesn't know what is what.
Sidebar - when I went up there, OMG, no wonder she can't tell. She's got this mixed with that in boxes in the garage. 4 bators going, the big one's. Chicks in with Quail. Not a good idea. Chickens getting into other houses that they aren't supposed to be in, think that's where my mystery chicks came from.
So I pick out a couple I think might be Seramas. End up with 12 chicks. Loose 2 the second night. They some how got wet while with Nilla and didn't make it. I'm still not sure if the one is or not, but it's cute.
Then I see another ad. Answer it. It's the guy I got my Sultans from last year. So I bought back the roo I had traded to him and got a lovely black hen.
Morgana and Poultrygeist

The other day see another ad. Bought 2 hens from a lady in MD also. She gifted me some eggs that are in the bator right now.

Banshee (who is laying and apparently was a fave, poor little bald head) and Elsa Yolkchester who should start laying any time. Elsa is named after one of my fave classic movie actresses. Elsa Lanchester who stared as the Bride of Frankenstein. First film in 1925 and last in 1980! What a career.
These 2 are out now with Zombryo and a couple of bantam crosses I want to breed later.

Hatching, maybe

So now the other bator is full. One hen is setting chicken eggs, due next week. Another is setting duck eggs. And Dahlia my bantam queen is setting a nest somewhere under one of the Butterfly bushes.
Hoping I can get Sonny to start working on that new house soon. His business is really doing well and getting him to do anything right now is, well, I did mention Henny Penny Syndrome.

Until later, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Be it human, feathered or furred.

Dawn aka Gothy

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