Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Has Sprung Part 2

The rest of the Newbies:

Better pic of hatch and some store bought babies
Sonny went down to Clayton to get grass for the goats. The guy wasn't home, so he went to the feed store I deal with for chicken feed. Well we all know what most feed stores are selling in addition this time of year.
The 3 largest, Gold Sex Links. "I needed egg layers", he said. Ok, he won't eat the eggs my chickens lay! He was fine with it until he started watching what they would get into when they were free ranging. So I have to buy store eggs. Kinda embarrassing when you ware wearing BYC's My Pet Made My Breakfast gear. : )

Meet Jelly Bean
Had 2 hatch out Sat. Both Silkie crosses. Put them in the brooder Sun and one didn't make it. It had "that look" when I took them out of the bator. Of course it was the really pretty one. Never fails, does it?
Jelly Bean

I still have eggs in the bator from that hatch, but I'm going to toss tomorrow. Had to remove one egg that was beginning to weep. Now if you have ever smelled a rotten egg, and I mean a real one, not just the smell they give natural gas, you will understand. I mean it will gag a maggot. Last year a hen stepped on an egg she was setting, and it was bad. All the chickens in the house were tearing up.

One of the ducks is setting a clutch due around the end of this month if they are fertile. One bantam setting eggs that I'm going to bring in tomorrow, due around the coming weekend. And another batch in the other bator due the following week. Hopefully something will hatch. I really want to get a couple of Sultan's out of all this hatching.

2 new projects in the works now. I got a steal of a deal on a dog kennel from our junk Troll. That will be used for the Runners. And then we'll be building a pallet coop for the new Silkies and Turkens.
Sonny also mentioned possibly remodeling our bath so we can use one area for storage. I asked him, where will I put my chickens? No answer. Men!

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