Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Intro to the Tribe

At the moment, this is what poultry I'm raising:

Black Star - 2 these girls are from my original flock. Sweeties and good layers. I would suggest these for anyone wanting good layers and are heat and cold hardy. They didn't let 10" of snow stop them their first winter.

Turkens - 3 hens, 1 roo Ya love the look or hate it. Morticia, Lilian, Lillith and Bella Eggosi

Black Astrolorphs - 3 hens Black Pearl, Onyx, and Jett. Beautiful large birds.

Sundance - a CornishXWellsummer hen aka Pyscho Chicken, currently brooding 5 eggs.

Nevermore - my main rooster. Hatched here. Daddy was an EE roo and Mom a Black Star. He's a really handsome guy and good to the ladies. His best buds are my guieneas Benny (lavender) and Joon (pearl).
Americanus Bantams - Boo Boo (roo), Dahlia, Bogey, Bacall and Chicklet

The ducklings - Pekins - Bonnie, Clyde and Norma Jean

The Silkies - 5 1Black, 1 Blue and 3 Splash  The youngest is Rickie my son's bird who Mom takes care of. Still not sure on sex. And the Black is blind.

The pullets - 4 Blue Andalusians, and on Blue roo - Dillinger. 2 California Whites - Hominey and Nibblet, 3 Americanus, 2 Barred Rock - Delorise and Annie (think S. King), 3 Delawares - still chicks - Olivia, Gladys and Marshmallow.
And the new Brahmas - 4, 1 tophat (still unknown breed for sure) and the other 25 chicks.

Can't forget the bunnies Fudge and Blue who are not tame and live outside.

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