Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doing the Chickie Shuffle

Since it's a holiday weekend and DH has some extra time, we got the lil one's a new pen put up. It was getting to be a real pain in my lower back taking chicks out of one tote, put in another, wash first, put back in everyday. They seem happy to have more room to roam.
Moved the DE trio into the house with the banties and pullets. They are still trying to get their bearings. It's like "Mom we were in there yesterday and now can't get into the run." Free ranging with the big kids now.
Will start moving some of the pullets into the big house later tonight. It never ends. LOL!

My broody lost 2 of the 5 eggs. Gone completely. Not to happy about that.

And the Silkies are starting to make chicken sounds. At least the 2 larger Splash, I'm 75% sure one is a roo. Making those first crow sounds last week.

Tomorrow work on the rabbit hutch. That should be fun. I have to take them out, put in the chicken run and then recapture. I think DH get's a kick out of my having to chase the buns. 

The ducks are going thru first molt. Small white feathers EVERYWHERE.

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