Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Phoenix is about 17 days old, I'm almost sure a Silver Laced Wyandotte chick.
On Monday while feeding the lil' one's my 3 DE pullets decided to play paratrooper and dove into the baby pen. I'm not for sure if that was the cause of Phoenix's injuries or not. When I went out to feed everyone in the PM she was laying there half dead looking. One eye swelled shut, large spot of missing feathers on her upper back and one  leg drawn up with toes curled.
So I brought her in, gave her some sugar water with a syringe. Put her under a light in our bathroom. Kept giving her water over the eve and tried to get her to eat. Didn't really think she was going to make it. She spent most of her time laying sorta sideways. Was able to stand/walk a bit but you could tell her one leg hurt.

Woke up to peeping early AM. Went to check and she was standing on both legs. Eating, drinking on her own. Gave her some Gatorade in her water when we got home. Eye still closed, but otherwise acting like a normal chick.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the bathroom door and she was on the floor! Her box was on the vanity and that's a long way down for a little thing.
Legs are both fine and her eye is starting to open up. Put her in a short tote on the floor. Come back later, yep, she's out again.
Now she's enjoying a pet carrier complete with perch on my printer on my desk. She also likes to watch the news. LOL!
Last Easter I bought our son one of those chicks that peeps if you touch the metal dealies on the bottom. So he brought it out and she would talk to it. Guess she thought it was one of the yellow chicks from the pen who somehow aquired blue bunny ears. : )

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