Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot, hot, hot - the weather

Well the lil one's are still all with us.
Close call over the weekend. One of my Brahmas somehow got it's head under the corner of the pen. I was able to get it out, THANKFULLY! And the problem has been since remedied.
All are doing fine despite the heat. It's just now June and it feels like July here.
No heat lamp during the day. They have a box fan pointing at the pen. And DH and I got a set of windows put in there last night. We still have to rabbit wire the inside so I can leave them open at night.
They are starting to get tail feathers and think they can fly. LOL! They are such a treat to watch now.

Of course this means giving the duckies extra attention.
I was outside the run yesterday talking to them. (you have to squat down, to get them to come near). The DE trio decided time to visit Mom, they follow me all over to a point, they don't venture far from the houses yet. The ducks started cocking there heads to get a better look at. I wonder if they do remember them. They were in seperate totes in our bathroom until the ducks got to big. Bought a day apart from the same place.
The ducks do seem to be enoying their bath now. I bought one of those under the bed storage containers. 2 of them can get in it at one time.
They got their first taste of tomatoes this week and love 'em. Duck salad as my son calls it. Dandylions and maters.

Foster update. We did rehome 2 of the foster kitties. DH decided I could keep one. Yep, what's one more cat? Currently asleep on my mousepad. KopyKat. He's well, black with a reddish/orange tint for now. With tabby stripes. Guess he thinks that will take my mind off of more chickens for the moment. Ha! I'm trying to figure how to get some Runner ducks.

The broody hen left the nest. So I guess no new chicks of my own for awhile. Of course now another thinks she's broody. So between that and the heat, eggs are down.
Been thru this before. It will straighten out. Eventually.

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