Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joy and Sadness

Phoenix is doing much better. Will most likely go back out to the pen tomorrow. I brought my Polish chick in to keep her company.
I think Kopy Kat will be glad. She pecks his nose when they are both on my lap. LOL!

First white egg today! One of the CA Whites insists on sleeping with the big birds. Found it in the box this morning. I was begging to wonder if they were ever going to start laying.
This is my first venture with white layers. At least next Easter I won't have to buy store eggs. Son already decided he's having bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning.

Found another clutch of broken light green eggs today. Has to be the Americanus. The banties are more blue and they lay in the house.

Have named on of the Splash Silkies Adolph. Little bugger got ahold of my arm this morning and would not let go until I pried his beak open. So much for their wonderful, sweet nature. Keeps it up and he will be called Re homed. He's trying to crow. Him and the other larger Splash do battle every morning. Entertainment while filling the ducks pool.

Lost one of my DE's today. Gladys. Misfortune with the GSD, Amadeus. She didn't show at supper. She's always  late. So later checked the yard. Thought maybe she might have gone on the highway side of the fence. She's so people friendly someone could have picked her up.
Went back inside and was by the front door talking to DH. He's the one who wanted these birds, so he was concerned. They follow us around the yard like puppies. Heard the dog make his bark he does when he has a turtle trapped. Looked and saw feet up. She was in bad shape. Just pray it was quick. Dog is being muzzled until we can set up an area behind the trailer so he can't get near the birds. He attacked my male guinea a few months ago.
RIP Gladys! You will be missed.

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