Saturday, July 31, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Wow! The end of July already. Not going to be sorry to see it go tho. Something like 6 heat waves, 30 days of over 90*. Bring on Fall! No air conditioning on average 90+ inside.
Let's see. Sold off all the stock chicks late June.
Still have 3 Light and 2 Dark Brahma's in the baby pen. Starlight, the Jesery Giant has figured out how to get out of the pen and has been exploring the house. Thankfully she's fast enough to avoid duck feet. LOL!
Have a sneaking suspcion that the extra Light is actually a roo and the Dark are bantams.

The Silkies have started laying. It's funny watching Josette go in to lay. She has to check out every corner. She's also blind. Barnabus is right behind her. It's sweet.  The Blue's have also started laying. Egg production in general is Finally picking up. Ducks should start laying in a couple of months.

Had 6 keets from gifted eggs hatch July 11 and 12. Had 3 broody hens attending them. They are in our bathroom for now. Have learned to escape and are leaving poultry pudding everywhere. That is tomorrows project a new pen in the Silkie/duck house.
My adult Joon has nested somewhere under our trailer and is setting. This should be interesting. Benny seems lost without her until she makes an apperance. And then spends most of the day down here instead of running with the chickens.

New chicks from McMurry here in August. Black Stars (back to the beginning), Delawares and a roo, and some Turkins for fresh blood.

Thinking along the lines of hatching out my own chicks next year and selling eggs instead of ordering. But then again we shall see. Definately want some Runner ducklings in the Spring.

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