Friday, August 13, 2010

Guineas gone wild! LOL

Finally got the keets out of our bathroom. They decided it was more fun to free range than stay in their box. Oh, btw, they can fly over 5 ft high at less than 1 month.
Sonny built them an avairy in the silkie/duck/baby house. Still debating on where they will winter. I'm thinking of moving them in with the banties.

My Guinea hen Joon is setting eggs! In the yard of course. 16. Keeping a close eye on that. One of my cats Haze has gotten to close and she will seek him out in the yard and give him hell! It's funny watching this huge cat being chased by a bird. Today she snuck up on him while he was sleeping.
Where are my broodie hens when I need them? If any of the keets make it, they will be put in with next weeks chicks. Gotta sell them though. 8 is enough.

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  1. my kleets espacped from their run last oct after a badger broke in and killed 4 of them... the three survivors live in an elm tree next to my field and survived the worst winter here on record.... theyll do ok/./
    great blog