Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yay! Summer Is Almost Over

The temps are finally feeling like Fall here in DE. In desperate need of rain tho.
I will really be glad to see the official end of Summer. This has been a bad season. I've lost more chickens this Spring/Summer than ever. A few were my own personal birds. But regardless of personal or stock it still hurts. Especially those who die of unknown causes. Then you worry about it spreading.

I did sell off the majority of the keets over the weekend. Kept 3 of the bigger one's and 2 of the last hatch. Have a hen setting a variety of chicken eggs right now. Fingers crossed something will hatch.

My MIL had her shop closed for a couple of weeks due to illness, so the egg biz has been crap this summer also. Advertising on Craigs List hasn't done much either. They email and want hens. If I had them to sell that's what I would be advertising, not eggs.

I've had to deal with a chick buyer who  - it was MY fault one of her birds was sick. Wasn't when she bought it.
A guy calling me up and rudely inform me the hens I sold him were roosters. They were bought from my neighbor not me.
Another idiot who wanted to buy some of the last of this years stock. They aren't fully feathered yet. But we want to keep them in an unheated barn with no electric until the coop is done. I don't think so.
Damn I see stupid people!

Now I am starting to understand why so many people play Farmville. You in a very distant way get to experience some aspects of having animals/farm without dealing with the a-holes and idiots.
Yes, I do play it also.

I am ready for Fall. Our anual day down at the shore is quickly approaching. I really need it yesterday.

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