Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bye, bye Duckies

Finally re homed the ducks with my neighbor. I like ducks, but next time I will know that it's really a good idea for them to have a seperate housing. The smell would knock you on your butt. No matter how hard you work at keeping it clean. If you ever get ducks, they are MESSY, smelly, and will run over anything in their way. But they are entertaining. I think part of the problem with mine looking at you like you have 2 heads is where they were bought from. I think they were traumatized by that situation.

So I got 6 Blk Jersey Giant X Americanus, a white feather footed of unknown origins and 2 Cochins out of the deal. When she came to pick up the ducks, another black Silkie, who for now has a white spot on it's neck.

Yesterday was move the babies day. Oh, fun. Sonny cut me some new flooring to put down,which was deseprately needed. Now the McMurry chicks and the 2 of my hatch of keets are in the keets avaiary. Keets and newbies are all over the place. LOL! They actually started in the baby pen, but soon realized they could fly out. Only Iggy (new Silkie) and Frazzled (last of the Dark Brahma) are in there. Frazzled's wings have been messed up since the get go and she can't fly. So they are keeping each other company. They are about the same size.

One of the earlier Keet hatches if a female for sure. Now if I can just figure out which one. She made the noise yesterday. I kept the 2 Buff and Lavender and 2 of the wee babies and sold the rest. I think 7 of them running around will be enough.

If all goes well, should have new chicks this coming weekend. Got a broody settin a collection of all sorts of eggs. Fingers crossed that someting hatches. Haven't had any chickens hatch this year. Of course they have to wait until it's getting cooler.

Off to the beach tomorrow! Happy, happy, Joy joy! Yes, it does seem late in the year, but we go when the meters aren't working. You can spend more on parking than anything else. With hurricane Igor going on should be some nice waves.

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