Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of Summer

Sure has been feeling like Fall around here. Frosted a couple of times and freeze warning tonight.

Well, had 7 chicks hatch end of Sept. 3 Turken, 1 what looks like a Blue Andalusian, 2 cute little black ones - 1 is starting to get the Americanus feathers and 1 Splash Silkie. For now they are still in our bathroom. Waiting on Sonny to build a top for the pen out in the Silkie house.
We did get to watch one hatch as a family. That was cool. Especially for our 6 yr old.

One had to be put in a seperate box after I found it on it's side and foot messed up. But it's doing much better now. It did manage to escape last night. Still not sure what the problem was but hoping it will make a full recovery. I lost all 4 of my hatchery chicks. It has not been a good summer for hatch birds and probably will not be purchasing any this nest year. Down to 4 Black Star and 7 Delawares from that purchase.

I threw out the Halloween pumpkin today. Tony decided the chickens were having a party. We went to a farm last week and purchased 3. Only one carved so far and yes today is Halloween.
Guess I will be carving my white one for Dia de los Muertos. LOL!

Let the juvie guienas out today. Oh that was a mission to get them out. Silly birds spent a good part of the day on my FIL's van. Finally got down and made their way back to the run. I let them back in to eat tonight. Guess I'm going to have to go out one eve and move then. I would much rather wrangle a chicken than a guiena any day!

Starting on working on the deep litter for winter. Hopefully it will not be as bad as last. When we were measuring snow in feet not inches. I did learn an important lesson - Always take your cell phone with you. Took a couple of bad spills and almost knocked my self out once.
Still need to purchase another tarp for the Silkie house. Sonny put up screws on the front of the Bantie house last year so I can tarp up the front window with the gromets. Worked very well. I took part of it down during the day for air circulation.

Trying to write with a 6 year old popping in and out of  here tho we are supposed to be getting ready for bed, I almost forgot.
2 weeks ago last hatch for this year. A Bantie! I've been waiting almost 3 years for one to actually hatch. Out of 3 eggs it was the only one to make it. It's in a seperate brooder with a couple of small stuffies and a mirror to keep it company. It will be a house chicken! This is going to prove interesting since I also have house cats. But you only see them when it morning for the romp thru the living room and when it's time to eat. Since it's gotten colder they are spending most of their time sleeping.
Sonny did mention Sylvester and Tweety. But we do know who won out there.

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  1. I use deep litter because it keeps the coop warmer. Thanks cute blog. Ruth