Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

It's been crazy busy around here. Temps are finally up and staying there. Of course after Sonny buys me a new grill, it got cold again. Now the days are getting back up in the lower 70's. We actually had frost warnings earlier in the week!

Adding to the Tribe
Well we've added a few newbies.

We bought Barnabus from my hoarder neighbor. He kept coming up to the fence when Sonny was out. So when he started doing it when any of us were out, Sonny decided we "had to have him" she was going to sell him as a meat goat. Too friendly to have not been someone's pet before she got him.
He's a 2 year old Silky Pygmy. Oh, and he was in rut when we got him. Stinky, peeing on his leg all the time, and doing some other things that would get a person arrested for doing in public, if you get my drift.
He now has his own enclosure down by the chicken houses. Sonny still needs to finish the front of it. Adding pillars to his porch. Sonny's been so busy with the engine repair business right now, he doesn't know if he's coming or going.

Mizz Maizy
Maizy is a 2 year old Nigerian Dwarf. I found her on Craig's List. It was about 160 mile round trip to get her. The people who had her raise Spanish Goats and they were always running over her. They also had a buck that looks very similar to Barnabus, but I've already got enough of those.
Maizy currently is housed with Beanie and Bosco. She's still a bit skittish, but is getting better. Never been breed, so either we will breed her with Beanie or sometime try and find another Dwarf.
When we first saw her, she was standing next to the Pygmy and I thought she was a baby!
She was a bit underweight, but is putting some on now.

The Hatch
On Monday (2days ago) 5 chicks hatched! 4 survived. The other one I had to help out of the shell because it had gotten to dry. It was smaller and just never really came around.
3 are whitish, but their color is starting to change and the other a Splash. 2 have feathered legs. Mom is Agotha, a white black laced Turken.
ShowGirl Silkies and a beautiful White Silkie
Finally got them! They were over nighted from MI. She wasn't able to send the Serama's this time. 3 have bow ties, the other complete naked neck. The Silkie is from her prize birds. She's very, very serious about her Silkies. They haven't been washed yet. Project for another day. Didn't want to stress them anymore right away.
Bearded Silkie
Show Girls.
They are a cross between a Turken and a Silkie. Cool huh?

Part 2 to follow tomorrow.

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